Welcome Cougars!

We have an Exciting Weekend planned for you.

Friday Evening - Meet & Greet - The Railgarten - Family Friendly

Saturday Afternoon - Picnic - Shelby Farms Park - Family Friendly

Saturday Evening - Reunion - Myrtle Lakes - Graduates and guests

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Kirby Cougar Meet & Greet
The Railgarten http://railgarten.com
Food and Drink (individual)
Activities: Volleyball, Dancing, Tire Swing, Family Friendly
When:10/13/2017 5:30 - 11:30
Where:The Railgarten
Number of Registrations:
Kirby Cougar Picnic$ 5.00
Shelby Farms Picnic Pavilion - Hyde Park Pavilion http://www.shelbyfarmspark.org/picnic-pavilions
Lunch provided - BBQ with trimmings, fruit and cheese.
Games: Cornhole, Volleyball
Electricity: Music, Fan (provided)
Availability: Kayak, Paddleboat, Small Water Park, Ziplines, Horsebackriding, Playground, and Restroom
(clean-up included)
You may pay online or the day of the event, if you come for lunch.
(Everyone is welcome to the event. The activities range from $0-$50.)
When:10/14/2017 9:00 - 1:00
Where:Shelby Farms
Number of Tickets:
Kirby Cougar Reunion$ 85.00
Myrtle Lakes
Photo Ops
Beverage (cash bar)
When:10/14/2017 6:30-12:30
Where:Myrtle Lakes
Number of Tickets:
Guest Purchased Tickets
Sciara Thomas (Childress)
Kevin Phipps
John Walls
Deedra Stone (Bergeron)
Shelby Bergeron
David Ingvardsen
Dawn Johnson (Ingvardsen)
Marla Crumpler (Sparks)
Shay Sparks
Ricky Delgado
Billye Massey (Jones)
Cedric Jones
Charity Wright (Murphy)
Tim Murphy
Andrea Paire (Elliott)
Terrell Elliott
Wendy Cross (Kiss-Simpson)
Chelsea Kiss (Knox)
Richard Knox
Samuel Simpson
Derek Smith
Madison Smith
Renesa Rogers (Smith)
Victoria Smith
Glynn Springer
Penelope Springer
Brooks Turner
Stacey Barnett (Lumpkin)
Corey Mayhorn
Nicole Cowans (Mayhorn)
Michelle Richardson
Johna Williams
Chad Willits
Dedra Brown-Johnson
Laurinda D. Brown-Johnson
Laurinda D. Laurinda D. Brown (Brown-Johnson)
Cynthia Cash
Garmer Currie
Terry Howell
Felicia Thomas (Layrock)
Jerome Halbert
Alicia Merriwether
Michelle Dennie
Keith Douglas
Kelly Walker Dalton (Douglas)
Kevin Clymer
Toni Monroe (Clymer)
Michael Key
Stephanie Munns (Key)
Erik Slangerup
Kristen Slangerup
Sarah Johnson
Tara Smith (Johnson)
Arabella Casey
Zoe Casey
Dawn Burns (Casey-Chiles)
Dawn Casey-Chiles
Graham Chiles
Kevin Chiles
Cheryl Griffin
Sean Griffin
Total 61